Welcome to the world of Rainbow Metalizing. With most modern planning and conception, Rainbow Metalizing comes to you with a varied aspect and prospects. From the hard work of our experienced and expert technicians, we offer you dazzling and neat multi color cutting from our latest Japanese metalizing machines. In the field of metalizing and spray painting, Rainbow Metalizing stands out alone and is unique. If you are looking for finest quality metalizing of your items, Rainbow Metalizing guarantees Vacuum Metalizing in line of your requirements. First and foremost is our commitment for quality product and on time delivery.

Most sophisticated technology of Osaka Vacuum Machine from Japan are used to finish items as desired by our valued customers. Colors of various shades are applied and transformed on different types of Plastics, Zinc, Copper, Steel, Caked Clay and China Ware. Attractive color and coatings are also given on Reflectors, Indicators of Cars and Motor Cycles. We also used this device on Plastic Buttons, Stoppers of garments factory. Also used in Ladies shoe heel, Bottle of Eyeliner & Lipsticks, Children’s Toy, Sports Trophies, Decoration Show piece, Body Show cap of Fans, Canopy, Blade Show caps, Rings etc.

For detailed assessment of our product and quality, we invite you to visit our factory to justify the above facts.